Christmas is just around the corner and the countdown has begun! Here’s a great advent calendar for kids to practice their English!

Have you ever wondered how words like “defriend” or “LOL” get added to dictionaries? What makes a word real? This talk by Anne Curzan via TED explains all!

Why do pigs oink in English, boo boo in Japanese, and nöff-nöff in Swedish?

This is a really interesting article that we came across about how the onomatopoeia that we use to describe animal sounds varies around the world. We especially love the “kukuriku” of the rooster in Hungarian! Click on the following link to read more: Which ones ...Read the rest

Remember, remember, the fifth of November! Last night was Bonfire Night in Great Britain! Do you know the history behind the night of fireworks and bonfires that is celebrated every year on the 5th of November? Here you can learn more about Guy Fawkes and the ...Read the rest

Halloween ha llegado a King’s Cross y se ha llenado la academia de telarañas, calabazas y sombreros de bruja! Os dejamos con unos datos curiosos sobre Halloween, seguro que hay algunas cosas que os sorprenden! Halloween has arrived at King’s Cross and filled the academy ...Read the rest

Ya llevamos mes y medio de clases, el tiempo vuela cuando te diviertes!!! Os recordamos que la matrícula sigue abierta, aunque quedan pocas plazas en varios grupos y el grupo de CAE por la tarde de momento está completo. Que tengáis todos un buen fin ...Read the rest